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Hello and congratulations on your engagement! It is an amazing time for you both and we look forward to possibly being a part of your journey. My name is Chris Ernest and I am an ordained minister here in the great state of North Carolina. 


Marriage is a union between two people that are in love with each other and should be a blessing that is shared among family and friends. I’ve been fortunate enough to be married to my wife for the last 15 years and I am truly thankful to have an amazing rock in my life for support, love and more. I’m also a lucky man to be the father of two wonderful kids who I absolutely adore!  


I have personally been a part of weddings with our company over 500 times all over the world and have seen what works and what doesn’t work so well. At the end of the day, I truly feel that I am there to celebrate the joining of two people and to share in that moment with you without being too over the top.


I’d love to discuss with you more about how we can make your dream wedding a reality! Thank you and God Bless.




Wedding Rehearsals

Wedding Ceremonies


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